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Safer than other ride share platforms, ROC'N Ride is dedicated to the safety of both our riders and drivers. With stricter policies and higher standards than the industry currently offers, we hope your trip on both sides will be mutually enjoyable, satisfying and above all both of you complete the trip safely.

ROC'N Ride expects partners to comply with all state, federal and local laws governing the transportation of riders with disabilities. A partner's violation of the laws governing the accommodation of riders with disabilities constitutes a breach of his or her contractual agreement with ROC'N Ride.

Accordingly, partners are expected to accommodate riders using walkers, canes, folding wheelchairs or other assistive devices to the maximum extent feasible.

Any report of unlawful discrimination will result in temporary account deactivation while ROC'N Ride reviews the incident. Confirmed violations of the law with respect to accommodation of riders with disabilities may result in permanent loss of access to the ROC'N Ride platform.

ROC'N Ride will notify you at the time of ping there is a disability on this ride and what that disability is to help you better accommodate your rider.

Trip fares are determined in part by the actual time and distance traveled.

If riders ask you to make a stop before arriving at their final destination, let the trip continue. When a stop is made during a trip, the time you wait is added to the fare. Additional distance traveled to locations on or off the trip route is added to the fare. Be careful when deviating from the route your rider will be able to dispute the route if they feel you deviated to far from navigated route, and an investigation will ensue.

Swipe "End Trip" only after riders have exited your vehicle at their final destination.

A trip fare is determined by the route's total time and distance. When a stop is made during a trip, this waiting time is included in the fare. Any distance traveled to additional stops prior to the rider's final destination will also be included.

When riders ask you to make a stop on the way to their final destination, let the trip continue. Swipe COMPLETE TRIP only after riders exit your vehicle at their final destination.

It is appropriate to call a passenger when:

  • 1) Trying to locate the passenger
  • 2) Before leaving a stop after you have been waiting the required time for a passenger to get to you.
  • 3) Setting up a time and place to return an item left in your vehicle.

As the driver you have the ability to cancel a ride for any reason (except for discrimination, sex, religious, political, or race) especially if you feel unsafe.

Riders and drivers are expected to be polite towards each other at all times, as per our Community Guidelines. We understand that you may have some negative experiences with riders, and our rating system is in place to help keep ROC'N Ride comfortable and safe for everyone.

Please take time to consider and enter a rating that reflects your trip experience with this rider. We do not change rider ratings once they have been entered into the app.

If you had an issue with cancellation fees on this trip, we recommend following the link below.

If you feel that a rider was behaved in a way that violates the Community Guidelines during this trip, please let us know below.